Wacom Business Solutions

Provider of electronic signature pads, pen displays and mobile signature solutions.

Whether you are interested in enhancing your digital workflow or improving the effectiveness of your visual communications, Wacom Business Solutions is here to help you. Our devices are reliable, durable, and easy to use. We can help you find the right partner for software and integration services. And if you want to develop your own software, we can help you with software development kits as well.


From capturing electronic signatures to drawing directly on the screen, Wacom has a pen solution for you.

If saving time, reducing costs, and improving customer service is important to you, then you may be interested to learn how Wacom helps companies and institutions achieve these results.

Wacom’s full line of signature pads, pen displays, and mobile signature solutions are designed for your electronic document workflow needs.


Wacom products are for organizations looking to capture handwritten electronic signatures, implement electronic forms, or to communicate visually in a natural way. Our signature pads and interactive pen display products feature Wacom’s patented pressure-sensitive, battery-free and cordless pen technology. All Wacom products are reliable and dependable. They all feature protective cover glass that is scratch resistant for long life and durable operation. Our electronic pens, for the counter or desktop, never need batteries or a cord to carry an electronic signal. Since no electronic signals are passed through the pen tether, pen operation cannot be affected by damage to the tether. And all Wacom pen input devices provide outstanding accuracy and control which makes your digital experience feel like real world.


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