Building your business with the Turbo NAS

Whether starting out or growing; businesses require a rock-solid IT infrastructure that will ensure that they have the right tools, hardware and potential to continue growing. And out of all the elements in an IT base, storage is the lifeblood that keeps a company moving forward. QNAP provides a full range of cutting-edge network-attached storage devices that not only fulfill storage needs, but also provide a wide range of services and features to greatly increase the productivity and options of your business.

Challenges for a growing business

See just a number of the common issues surrounding a growing business, before finding out how the Turbo NAS can help.


How a Turbo NAS can assist your business

User-friendly design with easy installation & maintenance. From its intuitive user interface, to one-click installation and ease of installing new drives, the Turbo NAS.


Hassle-free remote access options

Have all of your critical files at your fingertips in order to seal a deal or to complete your work with a wide range of remote access options. From syncing to mobile devices to accessing virtual machines, you can always take your office with you, wherever you go..


Go beyond storage with QNAP business apps

The Turbo NAS is more than just storage. With a wide range of business-optimized apps, it can be the core of an email server, web server, printer server, virtualization tasks, and much more.


Scale your storage for future needs.

You can connect the Turbo NAS to compatible QNAP Expansion Enclosures and effortlessly scale the existing storage base as needed. This ensures that none of your initial investment goes to waste.


Centralized storage & backup

With a large storage capacity, excellent file transfer speed, a range of backup apps and solid hardware, the Turbo NAS is the perfect location for storing your crucial files and keeping them secure.


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