HD Visual Communications System Global

The Panasonic HD Visual Communications System is a new visual communication tool that is clearly different from previous videoconference systems. High image quality, high sound quality, and a stable connection have been achieved both with intranets and the Internet, enabling easy, comfortable communication between remote locations. The technologies that Panasonic has accumulated from its AV devices serve as the core of this system.

With the HD Visual Communications System, you can conduct natural conversations with high image and sound quality, as if the person you are talking to were standing right next to you, for more personal communication. This lets you apply the HD Visual Communications System to a variety of situations that were difficult for conventional videoconference systems.

The main unit is highly functional, the remote control is easy to use, and the optional boundary microphone has advanced specifications.

Connection to Multiple Sites

The HDVC System can connect up to 24 sites without any optional equipment. It can connect via intranet or Internet, thus enabling multi-site videoconferencing with a client or with people in distant locations via mobile devices.

Easy to Use

The Triple Monitor function displays a PC document and the images of distant sites and the home location on three monitors. The sub camera function displays fine details in a close-up view. Various convenient functions help to make communication smooth and accurate.

Clear Communication

The HDVC System incorporates Panasonic’s high-quality image and sound technologies cultivated in the development of various AV products over the years. The system conveys facial expressions and nuances of voices to facilitate discussions and remote lectures.