NVivo is the most used qualitative and mixed-methods data analysis software tool by academics and professional researchers globally. NVivo is ideal for complex research projects, whether you’re working solo or in a team. Enrich your understanding with NVivo.

Store and organize

Store and sort all your data in one platform, from quantifiable demographic information to qualitative open-ended questions and interviews.

Categorize and analyze

Use powerful tools to categorize and classify your data. Automatically sort sentiment, themes and attributes in seconds. Quickly exchange data with SPSS for further statistical analysis.

Visualize and discover

Easily cross tabulate mixed methods data and visualize the results to brainstorm and map ideas, explore connections between project items and discover new paths of investigation.

Research getting published

Facilitating rigorous analysis that leads to research being published

PhD research

Helping PhD students produce more robust research over relying on manual research methods

Not-for-profit support

Identifying ways to increase the impact of not-for-profits in raising funds and awareness

Public health studies

Analyzing population health to influence public healthpolicy, practices and education

Research grant funding

Rigorously backing up findings with evidence-based research to increase success of finding

Finding the best minds

Attracting and retaining top staff and students with the most advanced research tools

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