Huddly IQ Webcam



An AI-powered, wide-angle camera that delivers a natural video meeting experience and enhances remote collaboration. It features a 120° wide-angle horizontal field of view, sharp 1080p video, automated AI features, and meeting room analytics. Huddly IQ ensures that everyone is seen, even those who are close to the camera. Thanks to an onboard neural engine, it detects the people in its field of view and frames them perfectly, removing the need to control the camera manually. It also provides high-quality analytics data about how meeting spaces are being used. Compact and USB-powered, Huddly IQ is perfect for focus rooms and small meeting rooms. The camera’s software is regularly updated with the latest features and software enhancements.

120° wide-angle horizontal field of view

Small meeting rooms that weren’t designed for group video can be a challenge. Screens are usually too close to participants and not everyone can be seen. This leads to frustration and loss of engagement. Huddly IQ’s 120° wide-angle lens makes sure everyone is seen and feels part of the conversation.

Genius framing

Huddly IQ detects the people in its field of view and responds by automatically framing them. The frame adjusts when people enter and leave the room, removing the need to control the camera manually. Our software team is constantly training the camera to understand more of what it sees, meaning its capabilities will expand over time.

Advanced room analytics

Huddly IQ gives organizations crucial insights into how their meeting spaces are being used, with high-quality analytics data accessible via the Huddly InSights API. Huddly IQ can detect and count the people in the room in real-time. This analytic data can be accessed with our SDK and then securely shared with management dashboards.


Included in the box

  • Huddly IQ camera
  • 2 Meter USB 3.0 Type C to A cable
Wired connectivityUSB C
Product weight120 Grams
Warranty24 Month limited manufacturer hardware warranty
Camera12 Megapixels 1/2.3” CMOS sensor, 1080p Full HD @ 30 fps, diagonal field of view 150˚, automatic and manual zoom
Horizontal field of view120º
Vertical field of view90º
Diagonal field of view150º
Furthest depth of view6 Meters
Zoom4x digital zoom
Pan/tiltYes, digital pan and tilt
Mount optionsMounting hinge, tripod mount, reversible mounting bracket
Included mountEmbedded mounting hinge