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For more than three decades, Ergotron has offered affordable ergonomic products to computer users bringing comfort, wellness and improved productivity into the workplace. Ergotron offers wall, ceiling and desk mounts, desk stands, office and tech furniture, sit-stand workstations, device charging stations, carts and vertical lifts.


Why Choose Ergotron?

1. Ergonomics

The right mount will give you the maximum amount of flexibility to get into the right ergonomic zone.

2. Environment

Our dedication to quality allows our company to reduce its environmental footprint, even while we grow, by using characteristic innovation and state of the art management practices to find efficiencies wherever possible.

3. Research

At Ergotron, evidence-based data is the wellspring for product development. With the growing intensity in the relationship between digital technology and people, Ergotron is focused on what this means to individual health and how our products can help.

4. Quality Tested

Our products undergo a testing regimen that exceeds the industry’s most rigid quality expectations. Ergotron strives to provide the highest levels of trouble-free performance and unsurpassed product longevity, delivering peace of mind to resellers and customers.

5. Patents

Ergotron’s passion for innovation is evidenced in our large and growing number of patents applied to our dynamic portfolio of beautifully designed mounting, mobility and sit-to-stand solutions. Years of intense engineering development and drive to create more productive environment through human-centered design have resulted in many unique technological achievements, including our PowerShuttle® and Constant Force™ technologies.


Standing Desks

Sit less. Stand more. Feel the difference.

1. WorkFit-Z Mini

Make your workspace work for you with the all-new WorkFit Z Mini. Big in benefits, this compact converter turns your current tabletop into a height-adjustable standing desk. It’s designed for the way you work best—sitting or standing—with a grey woodgrain finish that freshens your home office. Upgrade to a sit-stand desk that fits you and the technology you love—single monitors, tablets or laptops.


2. WorkFit-TL, Standing Desk Workstation

Presenting an ultra easy standing desk solution, which quickly converts a tabletop into a healthy sit-stand workstation. WorkFit-TL features a larger keyboard tray and wider worksurface. Like the smaller WorkFit-T, it saves space because it moves straight up and down, always staying within the footprint of your desktop. Extremely stable throughout its range of motion, one can freely lean on it without worry of tip or height-drop.


3. WorkFit-S, Dual Workstation with Worksurface

This easy-to-use sit-stand desk converter allows you to instantly raise or lower your keyboard and two displays in one simple motion, keeping your system stable as you work. Includes a complementary worksurface and larger keyboard tray.



Improve your workflow: Mount a monitor, multiple displays, laptop or keyboard.

1. LX Desk Monitor Arm

Sleek and streamlined, the LX frees up space and allows positioning of your display for greater productivity. Reposition your LCD with just a touch. Up. Down. Forward. Back. The LX provides unparalleled range of motion.


2. LX Dual Stacking Arm

Create a productive multi-display configuration that lifts screens up to where they’re easier to see while reclaiming valuable worksurface.


3. LX Wall Monitor Arm

Sleek and streamlined, the LX frees up space and allows positioning of your display for greater productivity. Reposition your LCD with just a touch. Up. Down. Forward. Back. The LX provides unparalleled range of motion.


Product Benefits

  • Increase viewing comfort—help reduce eye, back and neck strain
  • Upgrade LCD monitors and TVs with improved ergonomic adjustment
  • Patented CF™ motion technology provides premium ease-of-use display adjustment
  • Cable management feature routes cables under the arm, out of the way
  • Extends LCD up to 25″ (64 cm); push your display out of the way when not in use


Mobile Carts

Personalize an AV, computer or laptop cart to suit your workflow requirements.


1. Mobile Workstations


1. WorkFit-C, Single LD Sit-Stand Workstation

This computer cart’s large worksurface and height-adjustable keyboard tray and display make it a full-featured mobile desk, enabling computing comfort while you work. Stay energized and productive while you work—move from a sitting to a standing position whenever you want.


2. WorkFit-C, Dual Sit-Stand Workstation

This innovative computer cart doubles as an adjustable sit-stand mobile desk. Stay energized and productive while you compute—move from a sitting to a standing position whenever you want. The large worksurface, back-tilt keyboard tray and independently adjustable dual-monitor riser make computing comfortable.


3. Neo-Flex® Laptop Cart

This secure, low-cost, height-adjustable computer cart supports your mobile computing needs today and tomorrow. It features a laptop security system, 20 inches (51 cm) of height adjustment (work sitting or standing), large worksurface, small footprint and a rugged, open-architecture design.


Medical Carts


1. StyleView® Laptop Cart, SV40

Incredibly lightweight. This innovative, truly ergonomic and easy-to-maneuver healthcare cart features sit-to-stand height adjustment and an adjustable back-tilt keyboard tray.


2. StyleView® Telemedicine Cart, Single Monitor, Powered

Expand healthcare access through telehealth with this easy and affordable mobile solution, which combines the power to support onboard diagnostics and videoconferencing with the benefits of a StyleView medical cart. Backed by our years of expertise and service, you can confidently build a telemedicine platform that matches your needs and budget.


3. StyleView® Telemedicine Cart, Powered

The modular design of StyleView carts allows you to build a telehealth solution that matches your requirements. Combine support for onboard diagnostics and videoconferencing with the benefits of a fully mobile workstation on wheels. The addition of the SV Dual Monitor Kit provides convenient side-to-side pivoting of either display, helping compartmentalize screen viewing for caregiver and patient.


4. CareFit™ Slim LCD Cart, 1 Drawer (1×1)

The ultra-lean CareFit computer cart works to remove barriers to the best patient care with a lightweight design that fits your people, workflows and environments. The broadest range of caregivers can work comfortably with the expansive height range that adjusts to the ergonomic needs of each user. The compact frame makes it easy to move all-in-one computers and monitors wherever work takes caregivers around the healthcare facility.

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