Solutions for all your wireless needs


Local Government

Connect events, people, and places with the reliable technology that provides the highest throughput at the lowest total cost. Local governments have deployed wireless connectivity to create city hotspots, monitor facilities, and connect events.

Higher Education

Classrooms, dormitories, research labs, auditoriums, and stadiums go dark. Every aspect of higher education depends on being connected, and wireless solutions from Cambium Networks provide affordable quality in end-to-end connectivity. Rapidly deploy the network you need at a fraction of the cost of leased lines or fiber build-outs.

Regional Service Providers

Wireless broadband solutions that operate in both the licensed and unlicensed spectrum are proven to connect millions of users around the world, and technology from Cambium Networks is designed to provide the spectral efficiency, coverage, and capacity to offer consistently reliable wireless connectivity to business and residential subscribers.

Oil and Gas

Wireless network connectivity for data transfer, SCADA monitoring and control, and video surveillance at indoor and outdoor locations. Contact us for more information.

Small Medium Business Retail

Connectivity provides immediate access to information and improves efficiency throughout the business. Small and medium businesses can move fast to integrate technology into their business process and experience the benefits.

Managed Service Providers

cnPilot Wi-Fi technology with cnMaestro controller management support the MSPs delivery of trouble-free service to customers, reduce the total operating costs and protect their clients’ bottom lines.

Federal Government

Our field-proven, agency-vetted solutions provide reliable broadband for video, voice, and data applications.


Connectivity is changing the retail experience. Retailers can improve store efficiency while providing customers with the Wi-Fi connectivity that enhances their shopping experience

Smart Cities

Wireless broadband provides high-speed, rapidly deployed connectivity for WiFi, video surveillance, data transfer, and SCADA control.


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