Trust Guide


Trust is the foundation of our relationship with millions of people and businesses around the world. We value the confidence you’ve put in us and take the responsibility of protecting your information seriously. To be worthy of your trust, we built and will continue to grow Dropbox with an emphasis on security, compliance, and privacy.


Security: Protect and control


Dropbox is designed with a secure, distributed infrastructure with multiple layers of protection. We work behind the scenes to protect your data and empower IT administrators with tools that provide control and visibility. Our robust information security management framework is designed to assess risks and build a culture of security at Dropbox.



Compliance: Trust and verify


Compliance is an effective way to validate a service’s trustworthiness. We encourage and expect you to verify that our security practices comply with the most widely accepted standards and regulations like ISO 27001 and SOC 1, 2, and 3. Our independent third-party auditors test our controls and provide their reports and opinions — which we share with you whenever possible.



Privacy: Our commitment


You own your data, and whether it’s your personal or work information, we’re committed to keeping it private. Our privacy policy clearly describes how we handle and protect your information. We publish a transparency report and our government data requests principles to share how often we receive, scrutinize, and respond to these requests, and we also try to reform laws to make them more protective of your privacy.